1. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    8 Oz. Glitter Flask HR-16


    This glitter 8 Oz. stainless steel flask is sure to be an attention grabber. Imprint on the metal plate on the front to really highlight your logo.

  2. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    8 Oz. Leatherette Flask Gift Set HR-36


    This flask gift set features a leatherette-wrapped 8 Oz. flask, 2 leatherette-wrapped 1oz shot glasses and a pouring funnel. The leatherette...

  3. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    1 Oz. Mini Stainless Steel Flask PK-16


    Our 1 Oz. stainless steel mini flask, key chain with lobster claw clip lets you conveniently take drinks with your anywhere you go.

  4. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    8 Oz. Leather Wrapped Flask HR-12


    Our leather wrapped 8 Oz. stainless steel flask is perfect for debossing and is sure to get your logo noticed.

  5. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    8 Oz. Camouflage Flask Gift Set HR-37


    The camouflage wrapped 8 Oz. flask and two 1 Oz. shot glasses make this gift item as fun as it is useful. Laser engrave you logo on the metal...

  6. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    Laserable Leatherette Flask HR-17


    Take your drinking sophistication to the next level with our 8oz leatherette flask with laser engraved logo. The laser engraving exposes the...

  7. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    8 Oz. Stainless Steel Flask HR-11


    Carry liquids with you in style with this 8 Oz. flask made from stainless steel.

  8. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    Collapsible Shot Cup Flask HR-18


    This 5oz flask with built in collapsible shot glass will allow you to share your favorite beverage with your closest friends. Simply remove the...

  9. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    7 Oz. Foldable Flask FW-08


    Make transporting liquids easy and convenient with this foldable flask made from a higher grade EVOH plastic. This higher quality plastic contains...